Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hollywood Project "Plan" Feedback

The Hollywood Project is a 5 Phase (5-8yr. implementation) plan to establish the Universal Church's dedicated and committed ministerial presence in Los Angeles to support entertainment professionals in their special vocation.

The first Phase is developing a plan that will be presented to the Bishops of LA, the United States Bishops, and ultimately to the Vatican. We need your input as to what your practical and spiritual needs are as entertainment professionals so this plan may best reflect the strategies to support those needs.

The plan is proposing to provide spiritual, intellectual, practical, and "faith in action" support to entertainment professionals.  Help us identify any specific needs from your personal experience or observations.

Four Ways to Provide Feedback [Deadline for Feedback - November 15, 2008]:

1 - Here at this blog (comments).

2 - E-mail the leader of project (Fr. Don Woznicki) [].

3 - On The Hollywood-Project facebook

4 - Feel free to call Fr. Don (1-310-892-5778)

5 - Tell your story: Write a personal Letter to the bishops.

Fr. Don will compile these letters and hand them to the bishops as an appendix to the plan to be presented to the United States in November 2009.  HAVE YOUR VOICE BE HISTORICALLY HEARD IN WASHINGTON D.C. in making a plea to the Universal Church for supporting efforts of the church to be present to entertainment professionals as they struggle to create.

  • Address letter to "Your Excellencies and Eminences"
  • Tell your story: Indicate who you are, what you do, and why you answered the call to use your special gifts in the entertainment industry.
  • No longer than 2 pages.
  • E-mail to], or send to Fr. Don Woznicki, 7201 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, CA., 90046.


Hollywood Project said...

Here are just some of the spiritual needs the HP is planning to meet:

-Sacramental Presence: to studios and production houses (mass on studio lots, on sets, confession, spiritual direction, special blessings, anointing the sick, wedding and baptismal preparation, Ash Wednesday Service on location – Priests available for emergency situations).
-Weekly prayer groups.
-Monthly Hollywood Holy Hours.
-Monthly Sunday Mass for Entertainment Professionals (at various parishes)
-Perpetual Adoration Chapel.
-Spirituality for Artists Program.
-Welcome Back Nights (outreach).
-Scripture Studies.
-Retreats and Days of Reflection.
-Assistance in finding spiritual direction (program in development).
-Advent/Lent Days of Reflection for Industry Professionals (Ash wednesday Service on Studio Lot in development).
-Training programs for priest, religious, and lay involved in “Hollywood” outreach ministries.

Any to add here?

Kevin said...

Hi! There is one glaring need that the church MUST attend to and that is to help those folks in the industry who are homosexual to realize the talents and gifts that God has given them! I'd love to see an outreach for Catholic folks who understand the teachings of the church, but have no positive outlet. We have groups that stress the disorder and how to pray and help with it, but there is NO group that tries to bring to light the hidden talents that so many have whether it be in music, writing stories, etc. Let's face it, many of the people behind the scenes in the entertainment industry have same sex attraction and contribute to a lot of the beauty that can be made. God has placed in them some powerful gifts that the church, the bride of christ, needs to help direct and to bring it out. Welcome back nights could defiantely help with this part of the outreach.

Industry Insider said...

Great comment Kevin!

Yes. If they are serious about forming this relationship, a personal non-judgemental attitude and openness to the "sensitive and creative" gifts that usually homosexual persons have must happen.

Clayton said...

As part of the Spirituality for Artists program, I would recommend a series on the Theology of the Body -- and how insights from this theology could inform the conversation about how the human body and sexuality are treated in film and television.

So many of the conversations about sexuality/nudity/obscenity in the arts simply revolve around the question "how much is too much?" rather than reflecting on the purpose and dignity of our creation as man and woman. A vision as expansive and beautiful as the Church's could really deepen the conversation about the portrayal of the body in art -- leading artists to consider in a deeper way respect for the actor as subject, respect for the audience, and what human sexuality communicates about our origins and our call to beatitude.

I'd be happy to write a letter to the bishops, adapting some of the thoughts from a presentation I gave on the topic several years ago.

Aurora Rowland-Martinez said...

Hi Father Don,

I realize the deadline was yesterday for responses but better late than never. I believe there is a strong need for a formal ministry that strictly meets the needs of the entertainment industry. The approach most inviting for me would be that the Universal church provide an opportunity of guidance for all entertainers of all faith based groups. The same way that a faith based hospital provides healthcare for all people, the Universal church would provide spiritual guidance via the Hollywood project.
The Hollywood project should not be limited to Catholics. This exclusivity would only stifle the overall purpose of the Hollywood Project. The invitation of all faith based people being welcomed by the Hollywood Project will be the mustard seed of this ministry.
I hope you find this helpful.

God Bless,
Aurora Rowland-Martinez

Aurora Rowland-Martinez said...
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Hollywood Project said...

Kevin and Industry Insider,

Thank you for your comment. The Hollywood Project is very much open to discussing., exploring, and supporting in any way we can those needs and sensitivities you expressed. The Hollywood Project is here to find ways to support ALL artists who set out to create truth, beauty, and goodness through entertainment (whether that artist be Catholic or not, no matter their race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or politcal persuasion).

Clayton offers an interesting insight into how we might help guide the "search and explore" ventures into the deep mysteries of human experiences.


Your comment is also well taken. Although the Hollywood project will be providing support for Catholics in entertainment (because that initially will be our most receptive group), the Hollywood Project is set up to serve ALL "people" of the entertainment industry. We want to enable entertainment professionals to carry out their God given gift of bringing truth, beauty, and goodness to the hu

Anonymous said...

PLEASE, please, please consider an Internet component to this ministry. Like many of us involved on the production side of the industry, I travel for weeks or months at a time while using Los Angeles as my home base. It's difficult for me to be involved in my parish because I'm gone, with no warning, one or two weeks every month at a minimum. Having access to a priest ONLINE, or even other Catholics in the industry who are in my same position, would make a world of difference to me. I feel completely unconnected spiritually and yearn for some substantial way to remain in contact with someone who can offer me guidance while I'm on shoots.

Leslie K. said...

As someone who left the industry 25 years ago but still dreams of being even a bit player, the idea that there are Catholics out there who want to make a difference is amazing. You are all in my prayers. I would help in a heartbeat....let me know when you need the help of a wannabe-actress-who-now-works-graveyard-shift-for-law-enforcement.
God Bless you ALL!!!

Hollywood Project said...

Dear LM____,

The Hollywppd Project is defintely considering having an internet component to provide support and outreach to the highly mobile entertainment professional.

And yes, part of our plan will be to havwe priests on-line (maybe even around the clock) to provide counsel and emergency direction if needed.

Hollywood Project said...

Dear Leslie,

Thank you for your comment and interest here. The Hollywood Project will be in contact with you as we begin to enter into Phase II of project on early 2009.

And by the way, HP beleives that once one is an entertainment professional, they are always an entertainment professional (its a God given gift that no one can take away from you)...its just that the opportunites to be actively involved in the biz may not be there for everyone depending on one's particular situations in life (foreseen and unforeseen).